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daintree sculpture trail
Self contained eco accommodation in Cape Tribulation

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daintree rainforest sculpture trail

daintree sculpture trail at cape tribulation accommodation

The sculpture trail is also open to people who do not stay at Rainforest Hideaway, for a small entry fee, and adherence to a few basic rules.

- Be quiet, maintain the peacefulness of the forest.
- If you bring children, keep them quiet and do not let them climb on the sculptures.

The sculptures below were all created by Rob Lapaer, with the exception of those which have other names under the photos.
While staying at Rainforest Hideaway make sure you allow some time to explore the rainforest sculpture trail that winds its way around the 5 acre property...

entrance to the sculpture trail

concrete sculpture

concrete sculpture of thinking chess player

mermaid sculptures

cement sculpture of turtle

staircase cement sculpture

concrete sculpture staircase

cement sculpture of mermaid

sculpture of a sleeping man

cement sculpture in the daintree

cement sculpture of girl in bath

cement sculpture of sculptor

sculpture of chilli with time capsule

rock lounge furniture

cement sculpture of couple

cement sculpture of girl in tree

concrete sculptured lounge

concrete sculpture of reclining couple

cement sculpture in daintree rainforest

cement sculpture on bench

concrete waterfeature of couple

cement seats under fanpalms

concrete sculpture at cape tribulation

concrete bench

cement sculpture of buddha

concrete lounge with lizards

cement sculpture rainforest art

cement seat on the sculpture trail

concrete sculpture art gallery

concrete sculpture easter island moai

cement sculptures

kodama sculptures
Kodama, spirits of the forest, by Tomomi Sano

buddha cement sculpture

concrete sculpture off a buddha

moai concrete sculpture

cement art

japanese shisa sculpture
Japanese Shisa guardians by Yuka Arakaki

cement artwork sculpture


rainforest art gallery cement sculpture
Spanish artist Monica Moreno
cement mermaid sculpture by monica
Another one by Monica Moreno
cement sculpture by monica
Another one by Monica Moreno
cement sculpture art by emma
Emma Verhoeven and her sculpture

turtle steps cement sculptures

praying woman cement sculpture rainforest art gallery

sleeping buddha art cement sculpture

concrete sculpture art bridge

Al Hartley and his sculpture
artist in residence garry greenwood with his sculptures
Garry Greenwood and his bird mesh sculptures outside the bungalow

cement sculpture furniture

cement sculpture art in daintree rainforest

buddha concrete sculpture art

cement sculpture buddha

small cement sculpture


cement sculpture in the daintree


daintree treefrog at cape tribulation
daintree rainforest tree frog
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Rainforest Hideaway Cape Tribulation Accommodation & Sculpture Trail - 109R Camelot Close, Cape Tribulation 4873, Australia Ph: 0460 361346