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daintree beach near your accommodation and sculpture traildaintree beach near your accommodation and sculpture traildaintree beach near your accommodation and sculpture trail

beaches around cape tribulation on the daintree coast

When you stay in Cape Tribulation you will discover some amazing pristine beaches, which you can often have all to yourself.
This is a guide to some of the best beaches around Cape Tribulation.


myall  beach at cape tribulation
Myall Beach is a 20 minute walk down the street from Rainforest Hideaway

Myall Beach is just down the road from Rainforest Hideaway, walk down there in about 20 minutes.
Here you also find the Dubuji boardwalk which leads you for 1.6 km. through mangroves and rainforest.
You may see horse riders enjoying their tour here and riding along the beach.
Note that when you arrive on the beach via the boardwalk next to PK's there is a reef which is sticking out at low tide, or submerged on a higher tide which can be painful if you run into it.
When you enter the beach from the Dubuju entrance there is an opening in the reef where you can swim without painful encounters with submerged reefs and rocks.
When you walk to the south end of Myall Beach you will find a creek, do not cross it as crocodiles have been spotted in this mangrove lined creek. A track that takes you from here back to the main road and the Cape Trib shop, where you'll find a swimminghole in the creek and a cafe.
When you walk to the north end of Myall Beach you will have to cross a creek which is no problem except for during the higher tides and after this creek reach the actual cape that the town is named after. If you are desperate for contact with the outside world climb on the cape and your mobile phone may work here half the time, it does not work anywhere else in town.
Halfway between the creek and the cape a track leads in to the forest that takes you to the other side of the cape where you find Cape Tribulation Beach.



cape tribulation beach
Unspoilt Cape Tribulation Beach

Cape Tribulation Beach is on the northside of the cape, there is a short walk to a lookout from where you can enjoy some nice views, and you can walk north and enjoy a stop at The Beachhouse which has a bar and restaurant alsmost right on the beach.
Many daytour buses and day trippers stop here so get away from the southern end and the carpark a bit to fully enjoy this beach.
After the Beachhouse you can walk further north all the way to Emmagen Beach, but check the tides first as high tides cut your access.



coconut beach on the daintree coast
Find yourself a coconut to eat on Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is best reached either through Cape Tribulation Resort or where the road meets the beach a couple of hundred meters south of the resort.
This is a quite long deserted beach with, as the name suggests, lots and lots of coconuts!



noah beach at cape tribulation
Get away from the crowds on Noah Beach

Noah Beach is about a five minute drive south of Cape Tribulation.
It is split up in north and south Noah Beach, with a croc infested creek separating them.
North Noah Beach is the location of the National Park campground and sometimes has a few campers on the beach but most the time you should have it to yourself.
South Noah Beach is best accessed by driving slowly north from Thornton Beach and pulling over when you see the road meets the ocean.
Are you looking for a relaxing holiday destination that will surely give you and your loved ones a fantastic time? If so, then you will surely enjoy visitng Cape Tribuation. Look for the best deals on flights to Sydney and make this breathtaking place your destination. There are plenty of amazing things that you can witness here, thus ensuring you of a great time with the people closest to your heart.


thornton beach
Buy a beer at the cafe and relax on Thornton Beach

Thornton Beach is located about 15 minutes south of Cape Tribulation, it has a small place called Cafe On Sea where you can get lunch and a drink, and at the south end of this beach you hit Cooper Creek. Swimming is not recommended in this creek as further upstream Cape Trib Wilderness Cruises runs croc spotting boat tours and they do spot a lot of big crocs!
The small island is named Struck Rock and at really low tides you can actually wade out there.


snapper island
Cape Kimberley Beach looks out over Snapper Island

Cape Kimberley Beach lies at the mouth of the Daintree river.
There is not much in the way of tourism development here, and a holiday house with awesome ocean views.
This is the beach where the Backcountry Bliss sea kayaking tours depart from.


Want more information on Cape Tribulation beaches?

Stay at Rainforest Hideaway and your host will tell you!



daintree treefrog at cape tribulation
daintree rainforest tree frog
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